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Environment and climate!


The Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee has set itself the target to take active responsibility for environmental protection. The variety of natural and scenic beauty of Mecklenburg are the greatest wealth of our region. We want to help ensure that this treasure is discovered anew every day and at the same time preserves.
The first hotel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with climate-neutral balance it is us of course also aims to provide impetus beyond the borders of our region and beyond, to create networks to share experience and gain new supporters.

We want to show that tourism and ecology can go hand in hand, and that sustainability can be achieved in the upscale hotel. With each environmental measure we want to increase the well-being of guests and reduce polluting emissions.


The Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee in Schwerin was certified in October 2005 as the first hotel in the region Mecklenburg-Schwerin of the umbrella brand Viabono. The umbrella brand VIABONO is a joint initiative of the Federal Government in cooperation with tourism, environmental and consumer groups. The VIABONO carrier eV now has 18 national associations (eg German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA, ADAC, NABU, German Tourism, ADFC).

Based on a set of criteria, the general environmental standards (waste, energy, water) and target group-specific queries feel-good factors (nature, wellness, family), all Viabono members of a strict entrance examination subject. This quality control is carried out in several stages, from the submission of supporting documents, via spot checks on site, to customer-aided quality management.
VIABONO provides tourism services with an increase of naturalness, quality, and enjoyment. The brand stands for vacation can relax at the people and the environment.


For the past five years the hotel storage created on Ziegelsee a CO2 footprint and receives an annual award, Carbon Neutral Hotel '. Already in 2010, the hotel was one of the first in Germany who have offered their guests climate-neutral nights. The hotel is co-founder of the initiative, Air-Hotels Germany ', whose members using the environmental brand, Viabono' * meet the requirements for a certified ecological and Hotel Management.

The air-hotels are among the most environmentally friendly hotels in Germany!
With the certification of a CO2 footprint and offset the remaining CO2 emissions over their own reforestation project in Panama climate hotels are taking a leading role in the hospitality industry.


Viabono is certifying the CO2 footprint, which is calculated for the memory Hotel annually on the basis of the resulting CO2 emissions in the hotel operation again. It all CO2-related processes in the fields of energy, building and engineering, food, cleaning, print, delivery routes, etc. are recorded. Even the directions of the staff to work with distance and type of transport is taken into account in the calculation!

2012 fell per night for a climate-friendly Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee only 13.35 kg CO2 to. The average emission load a hotel in the 4 star is 35 kg CO2 per night and is so much higher. A CO2 footprint alone does not automatically climate friendly. Therefore, the climate hotels have undertaken continuously reduce CO2 emissions and to compensate for the unavoidable residual emissions by investing in climate-recognized projects.


6.2 hectares of forest, an area almost as large as nine football fields, scour the air-hotels in 2013 together with CO₂OL in Panama on again. This year alone, about 6,280 young trees grow on former extensively used cattle pastures and fallow land to a cooperative own mixed forest zoom. Due to the high proportion of native tree species and afforestation in mixed cultures an ecosystem is created that provides animals and plants new habitats.

Here you can visit our climate forest!

In addition, original habitats are reclaimed. The project helps to improve the working and living conditions in rural areas of Panama. The employees receive a salary above the minimum wage including statutory health and pension insurance. The training of local population ensures a higher level of education and provides access to new jobs.

The air-Hotels compensate in this way in the emerging Hotels, unavoidable and determined by the CO2 footprint carbon emissions. In addition to responsibility for nature and wildlife, the air-hotels offer their guests as the special service of "climate neutral night", without having to compromise on quality and comfort.

We are often asked why we afforest in the tropics and not in local forests. Here are the basic answers to:

It is useful to reforest the tropics, because there the plant growth (biomass increase = CO2 sequestration), especially in the early years is much faster than in our latitudes.
In addition, the forest loss in the tropics greatest. The greed of large corporations, but also poverty of the local population can the rain forest every day to shrink dramatically. It makes sense there new reforest where this loss is greatest - in the tropics. By integrating sustainable use concepts of this new climate-forest is subject to other sources of income for the local population, who take the pressure of having to feed by burning or illegal logging families.

Finally, there are few designated "biodiversity hotspots", countries and regions in which occur especially many animal and plant species per unit area of ​​the world. Panama is one of them. Forest loss is particularly harmful because it destroys biodiversity. The consequences are endangered animal and plant species. New planting of native species can serve as a stepping stone biotope (Step-Stone), that connect isolated, existing primary or secondary forests, and thus enhance the exchange and resettlement of the species.


Since 2011 we DEAL with the subject of electric mobility as an offer for our guests. In addition to our electric bikes, we now offer electric cars for rent. We also have an e-filling station installed at our premises so that our guests can download the free electric vehicles. Our guests receive thereby the opportunity to test this innovative technology and climate-neutral explore the area at the same time. Thanks to the support of WEMAG there are now about 20 charging stations at popular destinations within Schwerin up high in the Baltic Sea.


2012, we have compensated for the first time a part of the greenhouse gases caused by us through a Wiedervernässungsprojekt of drained peatlands in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Moore consist of peat, which has a lot of carbon bound in organic form. As a result of the drainage of peatlands this carbon reacts with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. By the rewetting of the former moorland of degradation of the peat is stopped to carbon dioxide.

This so-called Moor Futures project was developed by the Agriculture Ministry, in close cooperation with the University of Greifswald and the NABU eV. By compensating the spot is our work to protect the climate even more transparent and above all experience for our guests; Finally, the variety of nature and scenic beauty are one of the greatest assets of our region.


We strive principle in all areas environmentally friendly to operate: For heating we use the Bio-district of Stadtwerke Schwerin; the current is 100% green electricity. Our current supplier, the WEMAG AG, also guarantees that 0,2ct are per KWh invested in renewable energy. For each technical renovation me pay attention to maximum energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.


The kitchen processed for the buffet breakfast and the restaurant numerous regional foods and biological origin. The vegetables and our bread as originates mainly from the organic farm Medewege who operates his growing only a few miles away from us. Our organic coffee comes from fair trade, and a majority of the wines offered by us carries the organic label. The organic certification is done by the Ökokontrollstelle eV


Those arriving by car to us has the opportunity to ask using our CO2 calculator on our website carbon neutral arrival. Alternatively we offer in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn significantly discounted train tickets for the journey to Schwerin an.Ihr stay with us is an 100% carbon neutral. With the mobility computer, you can still make your journey carbon neutral:
Mobility >> ​​CO2 Calculator


2013 have signed the charts of the diversity climate all hotel operations. The companies have thus voluntarily committed to provide the company a working environment that is free of prejudice! All employees should esteem learn regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. We believe that recognizing and promoting diversity creates potential economic benefits!



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