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Terms and conditions


1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern contracts for the rental use of hotel rooms for lodging purposes, as well as for all the customer services provided and supplies of the hotel

1.2. The sub - or re-letting of rooms and their use for purposes other than the purposes of accommodation without the prior written consent of the hotel.

1.3. The customer's terms and conditions apply only if so agreed in advance.


2.1 The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the request of the customer by the hotel. The hotel is at liberty to confirm the room reservation in writing.

2.2 contract are the hotel and the customer. If a third party for the customer ordered, he is liable to the hotel together with the customer and severally liable for all obligations arising from the hotel accommodation contract.

2.2 The Hotel shall be liable for its obligations under the contract. In non typical performance areas, the liability is limited to intent and gross negligence.

2.3 The limitation period for all claims of customers of 12 months.

2.4 The limitation of liability and brief limitation duty apply to the hotel even in breach of covenants in the contract and positive breach of contract.


3.1 The hotel is obligated to keep available the booked rooms and to provide the agreed services.

3.2 The customer is obliged to pay the applicable or agreed for rooms provided and used by him for other services of the hotel prices. This is also caused by the customer for services and expenses of the hotel to others.

3.3 The agreed prices include applicable at the time of concluding the contract valid postage. VAT., A. If the period between conclusion and fulfillment of four months and if the rate generally charged by the hotel for this price services, for example by changing the VAT rate or by introducing a bed tax, so this may raise the contractually agreed price.

3.4 The prices can also be changed by the hotel, if the customer later wishes to change the number of rooms booked, the hotel's services, or length of stay and the hotel consents.

3.5 Hotel invoices are due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice without deduction. The hotel is entitled to make accumulating accounts receivable payable at any time. If the total unmatured claims for payment of the hotel for services already rendered the amount of 250 or achievements to be taken for a period of more than a week to complete, the hotel can be accrued amounts due for payment by interim invoice.

3.6 The hotel is entitled to require completion of the contract or after a reasonable advance payment or security deposit. As appropriate at least 50% of the total price applicable from 4 weeks before the agreed commencement of services.

3.7 The customer may only offset or reduce an undisputed or legally enforceable claim against a claim by the hotel


4.1 Cancellation by the customer of the contract concluded with the hotel requires the hotels written consent. If not this, then the price agreed in the contract must also be paid if the customer does not avail himself of contractual services. This does not apply in cases of delayed performance of the hotel or the reasonable control of impossibility of performance.

4.2 To the extent the hotel and customer a date for rescinding the contract was agreed upon in writing, the customer may cancel the contract up to that point, without incurring payment and compensation claims by the hotel. The customers right of rescission expires if it is not his right of withdrawal in writing to the hotel by the agreed date, insofar as no case of delayed performance of the hotel or an unreasonable impossibility of performance.

4.3 When not used by the customer to claim rooms, the hotel must apply credit for the income from renting the rooms and also for saved expenses.

4.4 The Hotel shall be free to lump sum damages incurred and to be replaced by the customer. The customer is obliged to 80% of the contractually agreed rate for lodging with breakfast, to pay 70% for half and 60% for full-board arrangements. The customer is at liberty to prove that no damage or the damage to the hotel were lower than the amount demanded.


If a customer's right of withdrawal has been agreed in writing within a specified period, the hotel is entitled for its part in this period to cancel the contract if there are inquiries from other customers regarding the contractually reserved rooms and the customer does not waive his right of withdrawal.

Hotel 5.1 If an agreed advance payment is not made ​​even after a reasonable grace period set by the hotel with warning of rejection, it is also entitled to withdraw from the contract.

5.2 Furthermore, the hotel as if it is entitled to withdraw from the contract for materially justifiable cause, eg.
- Force majeure or other circumstances beyond the hotel is not to make it impossible to fulfill the contract,
- Rooms are reserved with misleading or false information regarding material facts (identity of the customer, the purpose of renting, etc.) have been booked,
- The hotel has reasonable grounds that use of the hotel's services might jeopardize the smooth operation, security or reputation of the hotel in public, without being attributable to the control and organization of the hotel,
- A breach of clause 1.2.. (Scope) is present.

5.3 The hotel must notify the customer of its right of withdrawal immediately.

5.4 from justified cancellation by the hotel no requirement of the customer to compensation


6.1 The customer has no right to be provided specific rooms.

6.2 Reserved rooms are available to the customer from 15 clock the day of arrival. The customer has no right to earlier availability

6.3 On the agreed day of departure the rooms must be vacated to 12 clock at the latest. The hotel for the additional usage to 18 clock Then you can make 50% of the accommodation price will be charged, from 18 clock 100%.


7.1 The Hotel shall be liable for the due care of a prudent businessman. This liability is limited in non-typical area to performance defects, damage or consequential damage or faults that are due to intent or gross negligence of the hotel. Should disruptions or defects in the performance of the hotel occur, the hotel will endeavor upon knowledge thereof or upon objection without undue delay of the customer to remedy the situation. The customer is obligated to make a reasonable contribution to eliminate the disruption and to keep any possible damage at a minimum.

7.2 For property brought into the hotel is liable according to the statutory provisions, ie, up to 100 times the room rate, but not more than 3,500, and for the money and valuables up to € 800 cash and valuables up to a maximum of 2,500 will be Deposit will be retained, the hotel recommends this option to make use of. Liability claims expire unless the customer makes (BGB § 703) immediately following the detection of the loss, destruction or damage to the hotel display.

7.3 The legal provisions for the unlimited liability of the hotel.

7.4 park in the hotel parking are free. A custody agreement does not materialize .. A monitoring obligation of the hotel does not exist. For loss of or damage to hotel property parked or moving vehicles and their contents, the hotel is not liable, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence.

7.5 The guest can use the hotel's leisure facilities such as saunas and fitness rooms at your own risk. For defects that are detected also in compliance with the usual care, the hotel is not liable.

7.6 The hotel is committed to the timely execution of wake-up calls, the timeliness and accuracy of communications and timely About Brin consignments of goods of all kinds. Fund property shall only be available upon request, risk and expense of the guests. Otherwise the goods are handed over to the local lost property office after a one-month retention period and charging a reasonable fee. Claims for damages - except for willful misconduct or gross negligence - are excluded.


8.1 If the customer is an entrepreneur, he is liable for all damage to the building or fixtures caused by event participants or visitors, employees, other third parties or area himself. The guest is liable for all damages caused by him to the building and inventory. The hotel may require the provision of appropriate security (eg insurance, deposits, guarantees) by the customer and ask for heavily soiled rooms a special cleaning charge.

8.2 The hotel is entitled to charge for heavily soiled areas a flat final cleaning bill.


9.1 Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions for Hotel Accommodation should be made in writing. Unilateral amendments and supplements by the customer are not valid.

9.2 German law applies. Performance and payment is the location of the hotel. Exclusive jurisdiction is the seat of the hotel.

9.3 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be invalid or void, then the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In addition, the statutory provisions shall apply.


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